India and jewelry go back five thousand years. Imaginative, unusual expressions have always been a part of who we are. Even way back during the Indus Valley Civilization. After all, India was the first place where diamonds were mined! Be it stones that speak in color and texture, fine metal or intricate craftsmanship, we’ve always been using jewelry to celebrate life, love and living.

The wonder lies in finding a shade, a shape, an idea that speaks to us. A little splash of color that’s a very personal kind of enchanting.
That’s where we come in, Raghav Jewels – glittering divine love.

We believe everyone has a creative little magician in there. So here we are to unleash all those beautiful, blissful ideas of yours and convert them into accessories you can enjoy! Why not create a statement piece to match with your favorite dress? Or something timeless to go with that lovely saree? Jewelry should be as unique as the moments, memories and people that inspire it.

You pick the styles, colors, designs, metal, beads, stones, charms, and well, the list is endless. You design. We pour in our expertise to handcraft your piece to perfection.

The idea is to ponder, play and have fun! Sparkly blue acrylic beads with a fish charm?Or eccentric handmade glass beads with geometric charms? Fancy a mélange of semi-precious stones?
Let’s get started!