Who we are

India and jewelry go back five thousand years. Imaginative, unusual expressions have always been a part of who we are. Even way back during the Indus Valley Civilization. After all, India was the first place where diamonds were mined! Be it stones that speak in color and texture, fine metal or intricate craftsmanship, we’ve always been using jewelry to celebrate life, love and living. The wonder lies in finding a shade, a shape, an idea that speaks to us. A little splash of color that’s a very personal kind of enchanting. That’s where we come in, Raghav jewels – glittering divine love.

Dedicated service

Jewelry that’s exclusively handcrafted as per your sensibility, created to match your dress if you like, customized according to your budget, and delivered in time!

personalized design

Green or blue? Clear or cloudy? Long or short? Chunky or delicate? Contemporary or traditional? You choose. And we bring it to life with our expertise.

An endless range of material

There’s no end to the glittering combinations you can make with an extensive range of glass, acrylic and metal beads, natural stones,charms, pendants and much more.

Dream it? Create it

Want your accessories to be more than that? Want them to be ideas,fairytale dreams, an expression of all you imagine? Let’s start crafting!


I am a regular buyer of jewelry from Raghav Jewellers. A perfect house of traditional & modern jewellery. It has become very popular in LIC .Wish you all success!

Dear you have nice wide range and variety of jewellery with you.And I really appreciate your attitude of welcoming customers suggestions.